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Trains Intelligent Surveillance

MDVR, mobile dvr, hybrid, NVR, Onboard recorder, Powerconn, Streamax, M1-H0401, X3-H0204, X3-H0402, X5-E0804, A5-E0804, X7-E1608, gravador de imagem, gravador veicular, gravador individual, gravador embarcado

MSRP starting at $ 7,776

Level 1 - Act

On-Board recording
Sensor monitoring
GPS Tracking & Location
Real Time monitoring over mobile
Health Report status
Usefull videos  w/Smart Storage 

Level 2 - React

Trigger actuators
Flag - Event video files mark
Alarmed Video upload
Instant Alarm Report
Snapshots of event video
Warning sound - Audio messages*
Smart Analytics - Video Intelligence
Remote Management
Watermark Technology Protection
Aye2 Directive

Level 3 - Interact

  • Smart Electronics Power Bank Protection 
  • Smart Analytics - Video Intelligence
- Record/Alarm on Motion Detection
- Alarm on Video Blocking
- Plate Recognition
  • Smart 2-way intercom
  • Smart Driver Assistance :
- Lane Departure Detection
- Pedestrian Collision Detection
- Traffic Collision Detection
- Fatigue Driving Detection
  • Short Range inter-vehicle communications *
- Remote Viewing
- Wi-fi Downloads

* With easy-check AP

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